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Trusting in the LORD ~ Love God.  Love Yourself.  Love One Another ~

Gospel Mission MBC will always affectionately be known as "A Place to Belong!" This year, however, we are continuously walking by the faith that has blessed our church family to flourish for nearly 66 years. That said, our motto for 2013 is "A Shepherd for all Generations (Proverbs 3: 5&6)

Even as believers, often times we have to be reminded of our limited understanding of the world in which we live - situations that confuse us, people in our lives who we can never figure out, and just everyday choices that excessively occupy our time and dampens our spirit in a way that God is not pleased. 

Thankfully, Proverbs 3:5-6 tells us that if we acknowledge the LORD in everything we do and set out forth, He will direct our paths. Circumstances that arise may not always be clear to us. The "why's", "what for's", and "how's" may never be answered in truth when we depend on our own intellect to try to solve life's mysteries. 

But, THANK GOD we don't have to suffer through sleepless nights and agonizing days anymore wondering when, where, how, and why. Trust that the Lord knows best, follow Christ, and He will lead us down the right path.To know and believe that God is always in control is to find peace and assurance that surpasses our own understanding. 

Our challenge for 2013, and beyond, is to rely on God's ultimate purpose in our lives. As individuals, a collective church body, and as brothers and sisters in Christ, we must submit all of our queries, difficulties, and heartaches unto the Lord, ultimately holding onto the faith and trust that shall direct us all to a place that Christ has prepared for us. A place of divine understanding. A place of truth. A place of salvation.

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